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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Digital advertising trends have shifted from desktop to smartphones in the past few years. There is no doubt that the smartphone approach has taken over traditional marketing trends. It is now considered a preferred marketing method, particularly for digital advertising. More importantly, new digital advertising trends in big cities, like Orlando, are becoming more focused on the ad campaign medium.

There is a plethora of Orlando film production companies that are providing their client creative digital ads keeping the current marketing trends in mind. With their expert team, Orlando Marketing Firms offer an array of services, such as video or film production, digital designs, branded content, marketing strategy, message development, and cross-platform integration. Kalibri studios , in this regard, can be one of the great choices if you’re looking for Video Production in Orlando FL.

However, to make the most of these services, brands need to have sufficient knowledge about what 2019 will bring for their companies, marketers and digital advertisers. Surprisingly, it is not only the smartphone approach that is gaining more traction in digital advertising. However, there are many other advertising trends that will have a strong impact on businesses.

With that being said, the article highlights the leading digital advertising trends (specifically video marketing) that will be all the rage in Orlando, FL, in the coming year.

Digital Advertisement in Orlando FL

You must have been hearing about emerging technologies, such as virtual reality and 360 videos, in the digital advertising domain. These new trends have brought a number of opportunities, especially for small businesses to maximize their brand awareness and reach a massive audience.

Orlando Film Production Companies are also incorporating advance digital advertising trends to meet the demands of marketers as well as customers.

You will see the following trends gaining traction in Orlando’s video production services.

Videos on Social Media Platforms for all Business Sizes

This is no doubt that one of the most significant benefits of digital advertising is that it brings incredible opportunities for businesses of all sizes. In the past, only big brands and businesses with big budgets used to gain the most attention because of their expensive commercial campaigns.

Today, regardless of the size of your business, your branded videos can get the same popularity as videos from leading and established brands. With effective digital marketing strategies you can target the right audience with interesting social media ad campaigns- even customers who purchase from high-end brands.

Brands Embracing Authenticity Due to Digital Marketing

A number of businesses compete with each other for customer attention. This is because digital advertisement provides a plethora of platforms to establish trust and relationship with customers. This is where brands need to embrace authenticity over a refined and crafted look of high-budget, large-scale productions.

Why? Over the last two decades, brands particularly in the big business hubs, like Orlando, have found it more daunting to earn customers’ trust online. That means they have to be more genuine when it comes to connecting with consumers on personal and professional level. To accomplish this, brands are trying their best to share video content that is more real and authentic.

A lot of brands hire top digital advertisement agencies in Orlando, FL, for video production to embrace authenticity and connect better with their customers. To put it simply, with the help of digital advertisement trends, brands are trying to produce the content that feels more appealing.

Platform-tailored Approach in Digital Advertisement

The trend of plastering the same video across different social media platforms is considered an obsolete approach now. Brands and businesses now understand the importance of addressing the audience on different platforms in different ways.

That means one video is not suitable for all platforms. A recent survey, in this regard, found that 74% of marketers now believe that it is important to create different marketing videos to persuade audiences on different platforms.

Consumers in Orlando, use different platforms for different purposes. Not only this, the behavior of users is also different from each other. This is why businesses hire Orlando marketing firms, like Kalibri studios, that promises high-quality video content to improve brand awareness through digital advertising.

Videos on Instagram Take off in Feed and Stories

There isn’t doubt that 2018 was a year of Instagram in terms of more and more brands leveraging their video marketing platform. The good news is that it was just a beginning as in 2019 Instagram will be even more important and video marketing will be a significant part of it.

According to expert marketers, videos content resonates with customers on Instagram and has the ability to convince customers to purchase the product. A 2018’s survey showed that 58% of customers made their purchase decision after watching a video of a brand on Instagram.

Unlike other digital marketing platforms, that typically focus on making people interact with friends and brands, Instagram provides an opportunity to get discovered, which is vital. Many surveys have found that 40% of people on Instagram spend their time on the ‘Explore tab’.

Businesses can enter this explorers’ radar by using the right hashtags to capture the attention of followers through captivating videos.

And when brands aren’t capturing attention via videos that are posted on the feed, Instagram stories is another option to engage potential customers.

Video Marketing Takes A Lead In Digital Advertising

As mentioned earlier, the number of customers watching videos on different platforms is increasing every year and this trend is likely to continue. According to consumers, videos are a convenient way to find out about any brand. Businesses also use video marketing for improving brand awareness.

Video Marketing in Orlando, FL, has become a popular trend where digital marketing agencies, like Kalibri studios, create inspiring, educational, and entertaining content to improve brand loyalty and strengthen customer relationships.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, digital advertisement in Orlando, FL, is all the rage these days and has become an integral part of the brand marketing.


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