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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

There is no denying that 2019 is the year of commercial campaigns. According to Wyzowl statistics, approximately 63% of brands incorporated video marketing as an integral digital marketing strategy. Hence, 2019 can bring about a revolution in the way leading businesses and video marketers use the medium for advertising.

Another recent survey found that many businesses consider video marketing one of the important components of their marketing strategy. That is to say, the trend of video marketing is gaining traction and fueled by 85% of businesses. Brands hire video marketing agencies to create commercial video campaigns for them. Orlando film production companies and video marketing Orlando FL are some of the leading options that many brands choose.

However, despite the high leading trend of video marketing, there are some brands, particularly startups, that are skeptical about it. Considering the fact that it is a new addition to the promotion toolbox, marketers often wonder if it is really worth their while using videos as marketing tool. Or what role can a video play when it comes to promoting their business?

If you have concerns regarding video marketing, this article is worth reading. Not only will it explain you why branding through videos is versatile but also profitable. You will also get an idea of what to look for when browsing the best video production services in Orlando, FL.

The Role of Video in Advertisements

Given this video projected climb and rapid growth, marketers should include well-planned and creatively designed videos in their digital marketing strategy. There is no doubt that video can play a crucial role in not only creating but also strengthening brand awareness. It’s gradually becoming an indispensable part of the innovative marketing mix.

After all, videos are easy-to-share, have great potential to circulate on different platforms, engage users immediately, and are perfect for mobile marketing. In fact, according to a study, eight out of ten viewers develop a positive perspective about a brand after watching its commercial campaign. Also, targeting mobile users pays dividends. 45% of people consume video via their smart handheld devices.

Why You Should Invest in Video Marketing?

· Easy-to-Use and Cost-Efficient

Creating a video to promote your brand is way more cost-efficient than you think. With some great video marketing services, you don’t need to be a tech pro when it comes to uploading or editing professional marketing videos. Kalibri Studios, in this regard, is a great video marketing service in Orlando FL to help you create amazing visual content for your potential customers. Professional video production in Orlando, FL enables you to produce innovative, engaging content. You can hire expert videographers who know how to encapsulate your message into a video, even on a limited budget.

· B2B Wins

ReelSEO published a survey in 2017 according to which 96% of B2B companies use videos when they run market campaigns. One of the main reasons that ReelSEO survey highlighted was that video is an easy and quick way to narrate your story.

That means if your video is relevant and captivating, potential clients will definitely seek it. Another current study showed that 70% of B2B consumers watch videos before they decide to make a purchase. About us, testimonials, product descriptions, and quick tips are some of the famous types of videos. Kalibri Studios excels in storytelling and can be a great option to create a winning B2B video.

· Video Creates an Emotional Connection

A well-made video is an excellent marketing tool that doesn’t only capture audience’s attention but also creates a strong emotional connection with brand and its services. While there are many mediums that can form this connection, video has an edge over them due to its speed and impact.

Viewer quickly establishes a connection with the product and services. It doesn’t end here. This established emotional connection with a specific brand helps create new leads and cements brand loyalty. This reason is why it is important for brands to be strong storytellers for not only driving share-ability but also generating more traffic and increasing sales.

· Video Can Boost Sales and Conversions

Video can help marketers make profits. If you add a product video and embed it on your website’s landing page, it can increase conversion by 80%. In addition, video can lead to a direct increase in sales.

A number of studies show that approximately 74% of customers who watch explainer videos about any product make a purchasing decision subsequently. Vision is one of the dominant senses and it transmits information directly to the brain faster than another sense. So, it is better you start creating exciting product videos with the help of video experts to boost customer engagement.

· Marketing Video Builds Customer Trust

Building customer trust is one of the goals of any organization, whether it is a startup or an established business. Marketing through videos, in this regard, helps brands build long-term relationship with customers. Instead of selling, brands should offer customers a view into their culture and brand values. That can happen when brands provide useful and interesting information.

As mentioned earlier, a well-developed video ignites emotions and that is why YouTube is one of the most powerful media platforms for brand promotion. Uploading promotional videos on YouTube is a smart way to foster client trust and confidence.

· Google and Digital Marketing

Video marketing allows brands to increase the time visitors spend on their site. If you embed a video that is engaging and provides the information the customer is looking for, the chances of your website appearing higher on Google search increase by 53 times. Since YouTube is part of the Google ecosystem, a good video will significantly increase your search engine rankings.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, video advertisement is powerful enough to lead your sales, build customer trust, engage audiences and improve brand awareness. Platforms like Kalibri Studios are among the trusted video production services in Orlando, FL and can help you accomplish your video marketing goals.


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