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Kalibri Studios offers Video Production and 3D Visualization Services

 in Orlando and Tampa area.

We are here to SHOW your MESSAGE

Every person has a story. Every business has a story. Video can tell that story better than any words.

Through engaging storytelling and creative visual content we help businesses connect with their audiences. 

We are not limited to only promotional videos for businesses. We produce music videos, video commercials, real estate videos and more.

We ensure that each of our services leads to your satisfaction and success.

And we make the process stress free!





Kalibri Studios is more than just a video production company.

We go beyond the creative side of video production. We focus on creating videos that add value to your business. Before hitting a record button we always ask a question, what problem is your business facing and how the video we create can help you solve that problem?

We help you craft the right message. Message that will speak to your customer’s needs and will bring them to your door.



Sometimes the post-production process requires a lot more than simply adding various video elements and cutting numerous video footage to create a cohesive story.

Please watch our VFX demo to see some examples of green screen, object removal and background replacement.

Video Production Process Step by Step

Our goal is to make video production process as straightforward and simple for you as possible. We navigate the process and always keep you up to date with the progress made on your video. We keep the communication open during and after business hours.

Here is a step by step breakdown …


First things first. Pre-Production is all about preparation. This is where we discuss the details of your video. We determine the scope of your project, budget, time frame and locations. We talk about the style of your video and create a shot list. By the end of this process we will be ready to start shooting.


This is where the actual footage is filmed. Everything we discussed during the pre-production process will come together in this step. By the end of this process we will have all the raw footage ready to be edited.


Post-production is the final step in creating your video. We do all the work and your only task is to provide us with feedback. We put together a creative video based on everything we discussed in the pre-production phase. We edit the footage filmed during the production, we color grade and add all necessary video elements. The video is finished when you are fully happy with what you see!

 For marketing information please refer to our Commercial Campaign page!

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