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As a business owner, you constantly look for ways to improve your services. You network and attend your industry’s seminars. You go above and beyond to stay current and be ahead of your competitors.

When your customers come to you, you give your best to make them happy with the services you offer. Your customers is your biggest asset, and your business grows when your customer database is growing. Successful business occurs when it is a win-win proposition for both you and your clients.

You own your business, and you have a lot to offer. Your expertise makes you good at what you do. You have everything ready for your clients to benefit from your services: you have a great informative web site, beautiful facility, amazing stuff… but you still don’t get enough phone calls that would lead to appointments.

This is where we come in!

Just like you, we do our best to stay on top of our game to serve our customers. Unlike other industries, in a world of advertisement our client’s success is what defines us a company. Your WIN is our WIN. Our Advertisement Campaigns are designed to bring your business new customers. Visibility is everything! Here, at Kalibri Studios, we have all the tools to spread your message to audiences that are interested specifically in what your business has to offer.

Commercial Campaign
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Whether you own a large business or not,

every entrepreneur benefits form maximizing the reach of their company.


We are here to help you grow your business by advertising it on Google and Social Media . 

We create a strategy tailored specifically to your needs.

Our Direct Response Video Advertisement Campaign is designed to make your business visible to your targeted audience.

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When working with you as a client, our goal is to understand the main problems that your business is facing and the ways in which advertising can help solve these issues.  We are here to help you bridge that gap.

At the same time, we need to understand what your competitors are doing better. In order to do this, we perform market research. We have an extensive amount of market analysis tools, and we can provide behind-the-scene market situation of your competitors.

If your business is already advertising, we identify weak points in your advertisement campaign and start crafting your new campaign with all the information we gained from market research captured by us.

We carefully craft the message, create Ads, do keyword research and create a video commercial that will highlight your strengths. Video commercials are one of the tools we use to grab attention of potential clients. People prefer video over written content, and we have 30 seconds to grab their attention. As a video production company, visual storytelling is our specialty. As a result, you do not need to hire another company for this job. Video production is included in the Commercial Campaign package.

When the Video Commercial is ready, Ads are written, and keywords research is done - we are ready to launch !

When it comes to video - story telling is the key, but when it comes to advertisement, numbers are everything! Knowing your numbers gives you the benefit of calculating risk vs reward. You are a business; being smart with your finances got you this far. You don’t have to spend more to get a result, but instead you need to spend smart. We calculate your CPC (cost per click) based on your business metrics.  ADVERTISEMENT IS A SCIENCE, NOT A GAMBLE.


IT's TRACKABLE: Ability to identify which ads are being responded to and which media outlet was responsible for generating the response.

IT’S MEASURABLE: Ability to measure exactly how effective each ad is allowing for strategy adjustments.

IT DELIVERS A COMPELLING MESSAGE: Direct Response marketing delivers a persuasive message of strong interest to your chosen prospects by using attention grabbing advertising.

IT TARGETS THE INTENDED AUDIENCE: Ads are aimed to appeal to a specific target market.


The most recent marketing statistics show that:

  1. Video on a landing page increases conversion rates by 80%

  2. 90% of internet users say that product videos are helpful in the decision making process. Videos inform your customers about your product/service and keep them engaged for a longer period of time.

  3. Search engines prefer web pages with video content. Having a video on your landing page and social media at the same time dramatically increases your chances to be found.

  4. Video is a tool your company can use to engage your customers and introduce what your company is all about in a creative way.

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